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How to Find the Best Hemp CBD Oil

Marijuana and hemp are both cannabis plants. They also contain the same cannabinoids, but in different ratios and quantities. If the CDB oil is extracted carefully from the hemp plant, it is equally potent as the extract from the marijuana cannabis plant. The only difference is that you will require significantly higher quantities of the hemp cannabis plant to extract the same quantities of CDB oil.


As a result of higher quantity processing the cost of the hemp CBD oil goes up for the consumer. However if one looks at the purity and quality the hemp derived CBD Oil contains significantly less quantities of THC. The hemp plant is weighed significantly towards the CBD side and has only the traces of THC. The marijuana plants have higher levels of THC comparatively.


THC is preferred by recreational users because it gives them a high. CBD oil on the other hand is non-psychoactive and is well tolerated and safe even when taken in high doses. CBD has a significant advantage for medicinal use since the health professionals prefer the treatments with minimal side effects. CBD oil also appears to counteract the sleep inducing effects of THC, which might explain why certain strains of cannabis have a direct bearing on the alertness.


Despite the fact that CBD oil from shows a lot of promise as a medicine, it continues to remain illegal in many parts of the world. It is classified as a schedule I drug in the US and as a Schedule II drug in Canada. For the first time in many years the USFDA has approved trials for the pediatric form of a drug containing CBD oil, for children with a rare form of epilepsy. The drug manufactured by a reputed pharmaceutical company contains over 98 per cent CBD oil with nil THC.


There is a similar award of a patent to the US Health and human services in 2003, and covers the use of CBD as a treatment of some neurodegenerative and inflammatory disorders.


There is also a company which is extracting the high quality hemp-based CBD oil for medicinal use. The potency levels are quite high and the oil is used to treat more serious illnesses. The prices of Real Scientific hemp oil are likely to give a shock to the viewers. You may find a few companies on the net who are selling the CBD oil through mail orders, but the authenticity of the product and company are doubtful.